Auto insurance rate relief on the way in Michigan

When I first started representing the interests of the western Upper Peninsula at the state Capitol in January, the top complaint I got from residents was about our high car insurance rates.

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One thought on “Auto insurance rate relief on the way in Michigan

  1. I work in insurance and have for 20+ years.
    This reform is HORRIBLE!
    The only people who will benefit other than some seniors are the lawyers since now we are going to be suing each other for medical bills. This 100% of PIP coverage reductions, you need to tell people that the PIP premium is less than 30% of the total auto insurance premium.
    Get rid of ALL credit related factors. I know this law says “no credit SCORE”, but they get around that be using a “credit profile”. What the heck does it matter how I pay my bills as to how I drive.
    In my experience, most people with good credit (and lower insurance rates) have more claims, more expensive claims because they have more expensive vehicles.
    This new “reform bill” is a total joke and will be a sh*tstorm for insurance customers and agents alike while the Mike Morris’s and Geoffrey Fiegers and the Sam Bernsteins of the group are laughing all the way to the bank!

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