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Staying The Course on Reform

The historic auto no-fault reform package passed by the Legislature in 2019 made great strides in cracking down on fraud and abuse, reining in overcharging by medical providers and giving consumers a choice in the level of medical coverage included with their car insurance policy.

It’s critical the Legislature allowed these reforms, which were passed with bipartisan support, to take effect so drivers can see how these changes will benefit them now and in the future.

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Thank your lawmaker for staying the course on no-fault reform because:

Michigan’s new auto no-fault law is working and even those who choose to keep unlimited, lifetime medical benefits are saving money on their auto insurance premiums.

A fee schedule, which took effect in July 2021, to stop medical providers from dramatically overcharging for procedures is reducing costs in the long-term.

Special interests who have profited the most from the status quo are trying to upend historic reforms to the state’s auto no-fault law and rob consumers of the savings they deserve.

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